7 Alternative Way To Update Your Sectional Sofas

To bring the whole family and guests into togetherness is great particularly with the sectional sofas. They make the space homey and cozy while also becoming the focal point of a room, they create an arrangement of all in one seating. They are great to relax from your busy days, to chill and to lay out, dinner parties, and for family movie nights. This idea is highly convenient and you can find others that are more serious.

Arrangement and placement is perhaps the most significant tips when you want to use a sectional sofa or when you want to update the look of your older ones. The whole look and the room’s design is vital because this type of furniture is very large so the placement has to come into consideration. After you find the correct area and it has been arranged, you must think of additional elements such as ottomans and the table, throw blankets, and the pillows.

To update your sectional sofa, take a look at some of these quick ideas!

a. Divide The Sections

For years we have used the same L or U shaped arrangement for our sectionals. This option is great but dividing the sofa can make the room more useful and you have more space for seating.

b. Match and Mix

Divide and conquer the sectional sofas in case you have two adorable rooms. Take two different sofas and mix up the pieces and the space has more surprise, more functional and comfy.

c. Acute Colors

From time to time a sectional sofa is filled with clutter and look bulky, it gives no effect to the style of the room. Try to give more taste into the space with pattern and constrasting colors, and add some decorative throw pillows (blankets would do good too).

d. Keep the position in the middle

Try to arrange it in the middle of the room and not pushing it against a wall. Keep it in the middle of the room and you can have more space you can use, as well the flexibility that will surprise you.

e. A coffee table as the focal point

To compliment the sofa, find a coffee table. Then around the new focal point arrange the sectional sofa. This update is very easy and you can decide which table to use while also having fun on the go. With the footrest or the new ottoman, you can do this as well.

f. carpet for fun

Use an eye catching carpet along the lines of your sectional sofas. It will enliven the room and brighten up a couch with neutral color.

g. Keep it clean and natural

if you have some colors with you, get rid of them all! Choose a sleek and monochromatic accent. It brings a contemporary sensation and gives a modern edge.


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