7 Tips For Decorating The Breakfast Bar

If you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen then you are so lucky because  a breakfast bar can be used for all sorts of things such as for decorating cupcakes and cookies, enjoying snacks, making fun programs for family gatherings, talking with your loved ones, or just reading morning newspaper with a sweat cup of coffee. I urge you not to let the room too empty thus jazz it up a little and find out what equipments that might be needed in this room. The following tips could be useful for you, so keep reading.

1. Funky stolls might be the right answer

Perhaps one more emphasize is needed. Currently, ordinary stools are out of trend. You need to buy a beautiful chair with different shape, design, and color. This chairs have to have your personality inside. You can choose the shorter or the taller one. Pick according to your vision.

2. Provide Some Lightings

Make the breakfast bar more alive by installing some light fixtures. Add some light bulbs and modern lampshades and highlight the space. In addition, more countertops can be great for your decorating project.

3. Show Your House

Your house must be made warmer and memorable to everyone who makes a visit. Display your memorabilia and begin speaking with the guests through photos and etc.

4. Versatile Colors Are Beautiful

In the morning you must take breakfast and drink a cup of coffee. Bring more colors to the whole area. The colors that you choose shall bring fun, happiness and enrich the breakfast bards experience.

5. Add Some Flowers

Yes, the room will be more colorful from the addition of flowers. Flowers give good effect to your health. The scents of natural flowers is perfect for our spirit and the colors can make the space brighter. Make the room much fresher by providing a vase of beautiful flowers.

6. As Usual, Natural Light Is A Must

The kitchen is incomplete without the presence of natural lights. For breakfast bar, the light from the sun is a privilege. When you create the kitchen breakfast bar, the place shall be somewhere near the window.

7. Take A Good Look To The Countertops

Make sure that all counter tops available in the kitchen is functional to you. Perhaps you use the breakfast bar as an island, or as an additional workspace, then choose a granite or a butcher block, or any which works great for you.


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