7 Tips & Ideas To Organize Your Closet

We have shown you some excellent organizers for the closet and now its time to use them with some tipe concerning closet organization, and not only about the use of fine contraptions.

Following the time as you use a large spring cleaning and the right hangers and throw out old tops, you still need two days until they get messy, cluttered, and wretched again.

Everything is hard to find and gets worse when you look even more. Its where the organizers come into play. This is the time where the organizing plays the role.

Below are seven great ideas to treat your closet and in a matter of minutes your space will be tidy and super neat.

1. Remove everything that you don’t use, especially your old clothes

If you haven’t used your clothes for nearly six months, its time for you to get rid of the trash or donate them to someone else. Eventhough you don’t like the clothes, others will. Our suggestion is just rid of it if you see that the clothes are worn and ratty.  Don’t let your closet be filled with trash and excess clothes. Leave the excess behind because your closet doesn’t have to be looking like this again.

2. Maintain items that you use very often

It should be easy for you to find the pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt. Make sure that your favorite items are easy to get and in plain view.

3. Coordinate your closet with the type and the color

By coordinating the type and the color of the space on the closet, you can specify the piece of clothes and put the outfits together with ease. The look is very stylish too. Blackpants go with blackpants, green blouses go with green blouses. Organizing your closet is just this easy and simple.

4. Season clothing and storage

This option is good for those whose’s space is smaller and can’t handle too many clothes. Use baskets and boxes to store your big bulky sweater in the summer months. For the colder months, the same prevails. Make more room to make everything well organized.

5. One type of hanger is enough

To make everything tidy and neat, using only one type of hanger is recommended. What important is a consistent visual, so wire, fabric, or wood is no problem.

6. Accessories and the proper storage

You must tuck ties, handbags, shoes, and belts in a safe place. You must keep them in an area where they are easy to find, and not in a place where you find it difficult to be found. Use shelf deviders for purses, racks or cubbys for shoes and hook for belts.

7. Fold it nicely

For materials that can be easily damaged when placed on a hanger, you can fold them. You must fold your pants and sweaters in a nice manner, and then stack them according to color and type.


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