A Cloud Tree House in Japan

This extraordinary tree inspired the making of a tree house around the tree itself. This idea was realized by Sabaoarch studio. The Cloud was developed by them and the tree was given a structure attachment and then the tree house was built around it. It gives everyone the feel of floating in the sky and the shape is like a cloud. These two elements gave the project the name.

The structure is hold by three trunks from solid tree. For this project, three was indeed appropriate. The location has a beautiful views and surrounded by forests, located on a hill in Kanagawa, Japan. The architects decided not to make any minor damage and managed to maintain and preserve the stance of the tree. The cloud was built around it and they let the structure to be penetrated by the branches and serve as a part of it. In such a beautiful way, the cloud blends in.

The cloud has a contemporary design and basically a structure with curved shape. The design is dominated by it and it follows the shape and the natural contour of the tree. Over the time the cloud and the tree will grow together and will merge and then transform. Yellow cedar is used as the materials cor the cloud’s floor. Insects and birds are inhabiting the roof. For the owners of the cloud, this lovely blue Japanese oak becomes an alternate area for living.


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8 Photos of the A Cloud Tree House in Japan

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