A house on pillars in Hungary by Allhitecture

This summer house is located in Balatonakarattya, Hungary, a contemporary style home.  The house is benefit from the view of Lake Balaton, surrounded by vegetation and trees, truly a beautiful place. The house design is very interesting, and occupies an area sizing 122.0 square meters. The house was built in 2009 and the project run by Allhitecture.

The house used pillars for support and it is a summer retreat. The trunks of the trees inspired the use of pillars and the whole design is intended to make it blend easily with the surrounding environment. The front volume is supported by the pillar just like the crown of the tree which supported by the trunk. All buildings around the lake were built following the Building Regulation enacted in the midst of the 20th century. This means they must be given pitched roof with traditional style. Anyway, because the plot is located on the border, the architects attempted to get permission for a flat roof to give the house a modern design.

The site and the pine trees influenced the house and its total design. The architects didn’t cut all the trees. The house is designed to integrate with the sorroundings but not losing a modern touch in its exterior. The same happens to the interior. The interior of the house is made according to the traditional interior design of summer houses in this area. Private spaces like bedrooms available on the first floor while communal areas exist on the ground floor. (pics by Tamas Bujnovszky and available on archdaily).


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9 Photos of the A house on pillars in Hungary by Allhitecture

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