A Modern House in Chile with Fantastic Views

Go to chile and find this house in lago Ranco. This house was built in 2010 while the work was done by elton+léniz arquitectos asociados. This house had amazing views and circled with beautiful landscape located in a privileged area with coverage area reaching 600 square meters. The building process wasn’t that simple. Other than the advantages of the site, the site with its natural landscape had brought inconveniences too.

The architects had to find a way to build the house because the site was covered by native trees and on top of the house there was a large rock cliff. This was a real deal for the architects because the owner wanted to have all these element in the design of the house. The residence was affected by the orientation and the views of the site. The house was built  in two volumes in order for the inhabitants to benefit from the views offered by the site, also to avoid interventions from trees and the cliff.

A bridge circling the rock are connecting these two volumes that also connect to the tree’s position. The materials used by the architects range from wood to shingles. In terms of design, the house looked contemporary but still has rustic details and typical elements of southern architecture. (Pics by Marcos Mendizabal, found on archdaily).


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8 Photos of the A Modern House in Chile with Fantastic Views

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