Beautifully-remodeled vacation home by Knickerbocker Group

In Maine, there is a flood zone where this house is located. This house is a vacation home with lovely design. The location of this house is not accessible to everyone but was very beautiful and was intended for a hunting retreat. This house was turned into a lovely vacation home by Bob and Kate Horgan, they then remodeled the house soon after that. This couple knew that the results of this project will be exceptional and the process wasn;t going to be so pleasant since the very beginning.

The house was remodeled and restored by Knickerbocker Group, a design firm chosen by the couple. They tried to maintain and preserve some original features as they can especially the stone structure that had a very lovely design. They also expected that the house can blend in and become integrated with the environment. But because this house is located in a flood zone, they have consider this because flooding during a storm surge was very dangerous. They had to choose a design that would meet the preferences and needs of the client, the requirements that met the security and safety of the house inhabitants.

The house Is provided with 1 bathroom and 1 bathroom, all located in a bunkhouse while the main house is provided with 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. One house sits in an area measuring 270 square feet while the main house covers an area of 1,570 square feet. Natural stones on the island are used for the exterior walls. The house exterior left untouched except several changes that were meant to keep the house within the flood code of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The architects came with a decision that they would attempt to make the house resistant to flood because it is almost impossible to move the house from the plain of the flood. During storms the windows and all the front doors must be able to be attached securely to the ballistic storm panels. The furniture were chosen with care, and they also built mahogany on the house. This project ended up as desired by the owner and the house was really a dream home.


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9 Photos of the Beautifully-remodeled vacation home by Knickerbocker Group

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