Cabinet Doors Idea – 6 Alternative And Stylish Cabinet Doors

Want to change those old and awful cabinet doors? They look boring in plain black, white, or brown. Create something stylish and different with the common wooden slabs, use them as alternatives to the plates and your hings that look unfashionable.

To show off what’s inside use some transparent materials, give it a surprise by using something unexpected, or give some texture by using something with movement. Everything is about what you want to have, what vision that you have, and your creativity. Make a daring interior with your imaginations. Below are some stylish and alternative cabinet doors and take the ones that inspire your imagination.

1. What’s behind the sreens

Want to see something hidden inside? Try using a screened cabinet door with regular style. For guests who need to grab a plate, it feels very welcoming and feel extremely very homey. It looks decorable, a little shabby and a bit country.

2. Reuse the old styled shutters

To obtain style, texture, and that vintage look reuse that old shutters to replace the old cabinet doors. They look extraordinary. This project is fun. The process is simple. It adds a bit of an edge when finished.

3. Pieces and bits of fabric

Try using fabric for some ease and flow. You can use that old fabric that you try hard to put to good use to create a beautiful and natural look from the door when done correctly. For a bit more eclectic feeling try to use something bold, of get that soft look with something neutral.

4. Use chalkboards

Create a chalkboard using those cabinet doors in the kitchen (also use the pantry door). Make a list of what you need for this project. Write anything such as doctor’s appointments, practice times, notes for the kids, and phone numbers. When its done, you have a super functional and extremely unique item.

5. Mirros on the cabinet

Use mirros with space and light for your cabinet doors. With this trick the room will look bigger and everything is brighter, it will also open up the room. It gives a more contemporary taste and great for a more modern room.

6. Glass

When you decide to trade in the regular cabinet doors, this option is quite popular because glass is a good option. Like mirrors, light and space can be created by glass doors and it will allow you to display your china, pans, or pots, just like screens.


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