Contemporary beach house in Lima with a minimalist design

You can go to peru to see this contemporary property. This beach house is located in Lima, precisely in Palabritas Beach. It was designed by Metropolis a design studio based in Lima and completed in 2009. The house was intended to let the owners enjoy the beautiful view of the islands and the beach. The minimalist design of the house is based on the notion that nothing is comparable to the beauty of the surrounding areas, so they choose to make the landscape the star than trying to steal it from the attention.

The house has red accents with white finish and featured with delicate curves as well a contemporary design. In both exterior and interior design, the palette with simple color is visible and it also has furniture and a swimming pool. The house seems like an elevated white box from the ground. One side of the house has a perforated wall that enable the inhabitants to take a look at the exterior décor while also preserving the privacy in the same time.

A sliding glass door is deviding the dining room and the living room. This element is flexible for its ability to delimitate and combine these spaces as needed. On a lower level, the house is provided with an interior patio. This area is used as a private area, and in this area too the family room and the bedroom are located. The ocean view can be enjoyed from the first floor mainly from the main bedroom. The atmosphere of the vast white décor is very airy and full with red accents that result in a clear classical color.


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11 Photos of the Contemporary beach house in Lima with a minimalist design

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