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As demonstrated here, the faux painting is a sensational stairwell and foyer that replace the wall coverings and conventional paint, an inspiring alternatives by Degage. The application of the faux painting works by changing the space into a greenish getaway with views like in the countryside, and not by covering the walls with a regular type of wall covering or a solid coat of paint. The ceiling seem like taller than before, the influence come from the narrow trees and the vertical nature emphasized by the exclusive entrance with grand height.

In the specific case like this, the landscape’s depth is emphasized with umber that comes in various shades using the technique of faux painting where a monochromatic palette is used by the artist. In short, “grisaille” is used to paint the walls. The scope of Degage’s work is covering the trompe l’oeil with detailed murals for the walls and faux painted furniture which work well to extend spaces with small dimension. Now any homeowners can change the look of any room in their house into a single view. No matter whatever the view is. Contact Degage for brief infos.


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