Cool Ultra Tiny House in Colorado

Perhaps this house is the smallest one that we have offered to you, and we have shown other tiny houses until now. The house belongs to Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith and located in Colorado, precisely in Hartsel. They have consider it their house and have been living there for three months. The house is measuring 127 square feet.

According to them, the location is so lovely. From Denver this house is just 100 miles away, located in the best spots in Colorade. This house is sustainable and extremely cozy eventhough the size is small. One thing that matters is that its their home even if it is small. Christopher is always fond of a house in mountainous area because he is a graphic designer and a filmmaker. This is a dream for him, something that he wants to achieve, a lovely house near a mountain area.

The house was built from scratch based on their planning. To come to a final design, they went through  a lot of articles in many blogs. They began building their dream house once they have gathered plenty materials. For them this house is a getaway that they wish would be their permanent home someday. The house has to have a bigger size. They work hard to make their dream of owning a beautiful house near a mountain area, so they continue on their project.


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6 Photos of the Cool Ultra Tiny House in Colorado

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