Creative DIY Flowerpot Makeover

Overtime, the charm of the flowerpots may lose eventhouh it looks beautiful today. The pots have to look fresh because most of the time the flowers they hold always look fresh all the time. Their old appearance mustn’t ruin the lovely décor of your balcony, don’t let it happen. In this case, a makeover is necessary. Your flowers will look good and the work is fun and easy.

First of all, you will need : flowerpots, a paintbrush, mod podge, glossy spray paint, scissors, and some fabrics. Next, prepare a piece of paper and put some old flowerpots on it. When the paint is sprayed on the flowerpots, the floor is protected by the paper. You may choose your favorite color. Try to make some attractive patterns by mixing some different colors.  Wait for sometime until the flowerpots dry. Then once the pot is measured, cut out a piece of fabric. The fabric is used for decorating the pot’s exterior.

Take the flowerpot and then apply the fabric onto it, but first clear the area where the fabric want to be placed with mod podge. You may cover some part or the whole part of the exterior. Before you let it dry, make sure that underneath the fabric there are no bubbles. Modpodge with two more coats are then applied. Now before you apply the next, let each of them dry. Compared to before, your flowerpots looked much better now and more beautiful. Make some new decoration on your balcony and put some beautiful flowers there. (visit lanared).


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4 Photos of the Creative DIY Flowerpot Makeover

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