Creative “Jar of fireflies” lamp

When I was a kid, i often catched fireflies and stored them in a jar to light my way when I slept in my room at night. I wasn’t the first person to notice these ideas and couldn’t remember if there were some cartoon programs with it or it was only my imagination, or perhaps I heard it from someone else. Perhaps this lovely “Jar of Fireflies” lamp had the same when designed by its creator. This lamp is called Dreamlight and lit with solar energy, so the price is affordable and eco-friendly too.

You can place the lamp where you want to sleep or stroll, you have to use the metal handle to do this. The shape of the lamp is like a real jar. The 6 LED inside the lamp are protected by a metal lid. The LED light inside the glass jar cast around the battery’s charger thus it glows for a considerable time. You must place the batteries under direct sunlight so it can fully charge in the day and used in the night. When you lit it in the night you see six fireflies in the jar, they are the six LEDs. Pay for $35 and use this extraordinary lamp to realize the fairy tales.


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