Creative Upcycled Camera Lamp

Exotic vacation spots and other beautiful places is something that means a lot to a person’s life, especially for summer vacation, easter holiday, christmas parties, birth of a child, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations. Our existence is marked with these events and by immortalizing them we attempt to keep them alive. So a camera becomes a significant object and indispensable on occasion like that. Soon we’ll have some sort of treasure for our soul from images and films that we take and recall us to the memories of those times every time we want to.

From time to time, technology is changing and becoming more progressive, camera became more modern and sophisticated. At home we may have various cameras that can be used for particular moments but some of them are out of fashion and not attractive for anyone.

With this DIY project, we can give a whole new  function for such a vintage camera thus you don’t have to throw them away. In this project we use three vintage cameras because the project refers to an upcycled camera lamp. The three vintage cameras are clamps with some duct tape, some spray paint, and some cold weld. This type of original camera lamp may worth all the effort eventhough we need some time to create them. With some materials such as some jump rings, a hole punch, top of a lamp shade, and slides, this lamp is done separately, so the camera lamp comes with a shade and color slide lamp.


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7 Photos of the Creative Upcycled Camera Lamp

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