Decorative Bathtubs by WetStyle

For upscale people, these decorative bathtubs by WetStyle is definitely a great addition. The collection of Image In Motif is a line of elegant freestanding designs, created in rounded and squared designs. The glazed surface is dressing up the patterns of tone on tone matte. The look of this decorative bathtub will suit every preference of style that range from organic, traditional, graphic, to the contemporary ones. You will fond of the Calligraphy, Floral, Water, and Dubbed Earth décor. You also have the pattern that you can customize. Similarly easy as you see in your eyes, these bathtub are also easy on your body. The design is very deep and let you soak away with care and sink in as you needed to.

These freestanding tubs are available in squared or oval designs. They look good when tucked opposing the corner or the wall. Many of us will think that the center stage is where it has to be. Visit WetStyle and ask detailed information regarding these decorative bathtubs.


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6 Photos of the Decorative Bathtubs by WetStyle

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