DIY Creative Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Sometimes we often forget details such as things, hours, and dates because of too may things in our mind as well from exhausting day. You might skip something that you wanted to do in case you are too busy, you are in a hurry all the time, or feel under pressure. Anyone can experience this because this is something that influence your mind, body, and soul, especially when they aren’t fresh anymore.

You can arrange your days and organize an agenda, a calendar, your fridge, and reminders on the phone, things are more helpful these days. All these things are excellent, perfect for those who always busy all the time, who can’t remember good memory or or whose mind is too overburdened but still want to do their plannings. For that reason you can create this great DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar. First, determine the wall that you want to use, take exact measurement and plan how you want it look like.

To help you creating the wall calendar, you may need a chaclkboard paint, some tape, and a foamroller. Then put some lines on the tape and start painting. This project is a piece of cake and you can take your family into the family calendar thus all your family members will always remember the good moments of their life.


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8 Photos of the DIY Creative Chalkboard Wall Calendar

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