Facebook West – a new campus headquarters by Frank Gehry

To bring more profits for facebook, a new headquarters for campus has been assigned to Frank Gehry, the famous architect to develop a functional design for the campus. Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder of Facebook was initiating the project because he needs more headquarters for his company. The campus will be located near their existing headquarters just across the highway of Facebook East, this building will be called Facebook West.

Facebook West Will have such a complex environment, and sits in area measuring 420,000 square foot facility. This area will encourage sociability and interaction and looks flow to each other, so these areas won’t be delimitated. This project is intended to create a community and collaborative environment. It will have a modern design and serves as a luxurious community. It will have a flexible plan on the open floor, a group of modern spaces for offices will be provided in the site.

This new campus will have a garden with extensive roof and arcade areas filled with lounge. There will be a very good balance between the recreational areas and other related spaces. Manipulating and adapting a space that the company can use is the major goal of the project. It will have a group of spaces such as a lounge area where employees can relax with their co-workers and play arcade games, and an outdoor terraced cafes. This project will be started in 2013, is a well organized and very ambitious project. We don’t know when the project will be completed but you will know when that happens.


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2 Photos of the Facebook West – a new campus headquarters by Frank Gehry

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