Fascinating Glass Houses with Breathtaking Views

In this post we will present you with one of the greatest work of Ennio Arosic and Carlo Santambrogio, the Stunning Glass House. One of this house is located on a cliff and the other located in a secluded winter woodland, overlooking scenery with breathtaking view.

In order to create a proximity that not only unique between the internal and external environments, these unusual homes were built in two juxtaposing locations and entriley made of glass. The staircase, the shelf, and the bed frame are made of glass and so do the rest of other items in the house. The most important features of the house are made of heated glass which resistant weather or various setting. The visual boundaries were all removed by the architects thus your eyes are free to enjoy the lovely sorroundings.

The woodland house is located on top of a natural setting where the scent of the rain and the sun is obvious and the tops of the brances from ancient trees are clearly visible. In transparent view, the landscape seem to be an integral part of the house, and the sea reflects the live of those who inhabit the house. What is more is that the house has a minimalist approach with clean lines, subtle and both of them have simple design. Beside of that, mystery also came from the blue hint in the glass.

The view of these house are stunning, but they may not be perfect for you if you look for privacy.


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7 Photos of the Fascinating Glass Houses with Breathtaking Views

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