Graphite pendant lamp

The invention of the light bulb has been credited to Thomas Edison but actually he wasn’t the actual inventor. The patent for the light bulb had been obtained by Joseph Swan, a British Inventor just a year before the General Electric was founded by Edison. The thing that differs Edison from other scientists is his technological capacity of mass produce that helps us out of the darkness. This replica of 60W bulb was made to commemorate what was brought by Edison. The light bulb and the amount of electricity entering the it can be controlled by a dimmer switch thus this lighting system make a very good impressions to the room.

This pendant lamp brings a lovely woody environment when seen from the decorative point of view. You can add some cord with extra lower position and the lamp is hanging from the ceiling so that both of these two components are benefit the environment because this incandescent lamp is not only emit heat but also a light with soft glow.

Remember that these bulbs only work in 110 to 120 Volts outlets and if your country has a greater voltage, you must use an outlet adaptor and a converter. In the installation, the help of a professional is necessary and you have to be careful. The Graphite pendant lamp is a valuable investment and the price starts from 32.02 EUR, a timeless deposit.


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2 Photos of the Graphite pendant lamp

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