How to decorate a small space in your house

It is impossible for a house with small dimension to include everything you need, especially if you want to feel comfortable and have a lot of free space. To solve this you have to look for clever solutions for storage and then without losing style, you should decorate and divide your house functionally. For that, we provide you with these tips.

You can use the first tips to add depths to the house by adding mirrors and to create the impression of a spacious space. Both of them are stylish and functional and make nice decorations. You are advised to use one mirror with large size instead of using some small mirrors. For this, you have to look for a lovely frame that you like. The mirror should be able to be hanged on the wall, leaned on the floor, over a mantle, used as a tabletop, and integrated in the furniture. A smart idea is by placing the mirror across the window to give the impressions of more windows then the house able to provide, with this the image seen reflected.

The furniture is another problem. Eventhough the house is small it doesn’t mean that you can’t use large furniture. They will make the room seem larger when you put them inside. The house look more airy with this way. You can use armless chair if you want to keep your small house look open.

The windows shall stay unchanged. Use some blined, shutters, and shades. Fabric curtains are not intended for small house because they use up spaces.

It is also significant that you use the color palette in the house. The rooms will feel bigger with light colors while dark colors make the rooms feel narrow and boring. Anyway, this also means that you are free to use contrasting colors.


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