How to Decorate Your House Under a Budget

We have to consider many steps when creating a house. We must determine what we want to have in the kitchen, furniture, wall colors, and so on. But wall decorations almost forgotten by a lot of people (well I also forget this step). Wall decorations can turn a colorless state into a state of wonder especially the walls of a house that hold the characters of the space.

In my case, i don’t have the ability to paint eventhough I live in an apartment. All walls in my apartment are blank, but I feel the need to express myself more than anyone else who has the ability to paint. Nevertheless, a space can be transformed with simple patterns, photographs, and paintings.

To decorate your walls and make it a full DIY, you should go around the house and look for older items or photos that would fit well in the walls you’re decorating. With items from your house, you could make something remarkable from scratch.

For instance, I like painting and I can imitate something I saw on the web without having to buy it. This project is a piece of cake, anyone can do it. Recently I discovered an elephant photo and because it had a good shape then I used it as a drawing object on canvas then I hung it on the wall. It became a work of art, exactly as I wanted. It has neutral colors and can be placed everywhere effortlessly.

You need a starting point.

Start the project with anything, an animal, a pattern, a theme, or a color scheme. You can choose everything you want, just pour your creativity in this project. Except if you only put a little energy to it, you will never know what the potential of a space is. Moreover, you never know what you will get around the house. (photos taken from Brooke Leone, Decorate, Touchoftea, fabfindings, elinoreegg, keriative, interior inspiration, and sticksmbones).


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7 Photos of the How to Decorate Your House Under a Budget

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