How to Install Tile Like a Pro

You may have to spend hundreds of dollars for new flooring project and it doesn’t seem right, does it? A new flooring project handed to contractors can cost very expensive thus a visceral judgement is significant. But actually you still have one possibility where you don’t need to spend much money. The solution is by doing the project yourself. Follow these guidelines to make your work more directed and have professional quality.

You must have : grout sealer, grout, tiles adhesive, tile spacers, tiles, trowel, mallet, level, tape measure, sponge, glass cutter, and safety goggles.

1. Set Up The Floor

Clear the floor from glue residue, nails, and remnants from carpets and old hardwood flooring. The floor has to be completely clean. Now, before you go to the next step, make sure that all cracks and holes are repaired, especially if you use cement for the floor.

2. Choose a Tile With Specific Pattern

Before you begin your work, please specify a pattern type and how it will look like later. You need a visual representation and you can do it by making a sketch, then measure it, and put the tiles to ensure that you like it. The most common pattern is a jack on jack. This has a checkerboard pattern and consist of tile laid like squares. For each row, the pattern is given offset grout lines, and when compared to a jack on jack pattern, it looks a little more modern.

3. Make Multiple Measurements

Make thorough measurements from each side of the walls to the center before you begin installing the tiles. In order to get a visually appealing pattern, you must base the installation on the center of the room. Right from the central point of the room, draw two reference lines. For your grout, make sure that equal spacing are met between the tiles. To become more efficient in the current and future time, you have to make visual adjustements.

4. Installation Time

Right in the central point of the room lay the floor tiles and then begin the installation  until the reference lines are met. To comb the ridges out, use the adhesives with notched edge on the trowel. Make sure that no space is left between each tile and then firmly set down your tiles. In the middle of this process, whip down all excess quickly in case all adhesive oozes.

5. Set All The Floors In Place

When a row of tiles have been laid, next, use a mallet and a leveler to set them into the adhesive. Continue your work, now you must use a glasscutter to get your tiles trimmed firmly. You can buy the glasscutters from nearby home supply stores or hardware stores.

6. Use Grout for The Finish

When the whole set of tiles have been adhered to the floor, and you are done, then let it grout for several hours later. Follow the user guide of the grout. It will tell you to be consistent in mixing the paste. When the paste is ready, you can use it on the tiles simply by applying it between tiles. Now, make sure that the grout with its excess are all wiped with a damp sponge after 20 minutes have passed.

Before you use a grout sealer with silicone, you are advised to let your tile and grout cure for a week, but it depends on the brand of the grout. This step is necessary in order to restrain deterioration and discoloration in years to come.


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