How to make a hidden storage closet

If you want to have a hidden storage closet then you will find reading this post is a miracle. To be successful, you have 10 essential steps to follow. First, start the work by turning a slanted door into a stairwell then provide camouflage by giving the entire wall some broad stripes then add the bottom of the door an appropriate baseboard.

Briefly, there are 10 essential steps that you must follow when you want a hidden storage closet to be added to your house : 1- in the appropriate place locate studes with a stud finer; 2- cut drywall and take exact measure, first make vertical lines level on the studs then cut, then parallel to the stairs draw a line, use a drywall saw and cut along the lines and take away the drywall;

3- in the bottom plate and the opening, cut and take away the studs; 4- take and install the jamb, first take the sides and measure them, angled the top of the opening and then cut pine for the jamb, use wood screws to install the jamb flush to the drywall; 5- for door and cut then measure the space; 6- fill the drywall and the crack with sand and joint compound until they disappear and then fill, sand, prime and pain.

7- provide the hings, make 3 similar holes behind the long side of the door and then mount the flush hinges; 8- provide the door, with the hinges in place then hold the door then take the jamb and have it screwed to it with wood screws, then from door to jamb provide magnetic stops; 9- repair the baseboard, put the baseboard back on the wall and provide one of it on the door; 10- the last touches, have the door painted, primed, and caulked, and there you go, you have what you wanted.


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