Inspiring Extension of a 19th century house by Donaghy & Dimond Architects

This historic house was built in the age of American civil war in the 19th century.  As time goes by the owner wanted to extensify the space inside the house. The owners wanted to change the appearance of the house because he concluded that the house was not fine in structure and was not that functional at all. They handed the project to architects from Donaghy and Dimond.

The house owner wanted to have more bedroom, new living room as well a new kitchen. The terraced house would need to be extensified to some levels. In 2011 the project was complete. Now, this house has a new structure and a brand new design. This beautiful house is located in Ireland, precisely in Portobello, Dublin.

In order for the architects to extensify the space in that house, they would have to get rid of the former elements and then recreate the house in full. The only structures they preserved was the garden in the courtyard and the wall near the laneway. Two elements of the roof were supported by the existent walls while the droplets of the rainwater in the rear of the house were collected by a timber box attached to the lower edges.

In the projects the only materials selected by the architects are those with natural appearance to make the house easily blend with the environments. There is a beautiful backyard and a beautiful garden surrounding the house. You can see simplicity in the look of the house. The house was built using the combination of glass, wood, and concrete so the house is not only nostalgic but also modern. (pics taken from Ros Kavanagh and discovered from archdaily).

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7 Photos of the Inspiring Extension of a 19th century house by Donaghy & Dimond Architects

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