Inspiring One-story week-end house in Bus by Marketa Cajthamlova

You have to go to Bus in Czech Republic to see this property. The site of this property is measuring 799 square meters and intended as a retreat for the weekend for the owners and even designated to become a full time residence. The house project was done in 2011 and designed by Marketa Cajthamlova. According to the architect, in the future the clients wanted the house as a permanent resident thus they had to come up with adaptable and flexible design that can meet their immediate requirements.

There is a storage structure with a thermal pump next to this house. When you step into this lot there is nothing visible, the lots is located besides these two structures. The house comes with full privacy as the location is very isolated. This setting is applicable for a quite retreat in the weekend. Eventhough the house is located far from offices, markets, and the city, the owners can still benefit from the lovely landscape surrounding the site, and when considered to be used as a permanent home, this location is not ideal.

The house has no cellar and consist of only one story. Within the building there is a multifunctional space that include the kitchen, dining room, and the living room. The fireplace is lovely and has a covered terrace with a connection. From the terrace you can go to the pool and the hot tub. There are two bedrooms, a steam cabin, and a bathroom with sauna in that house. Red cedar panels and mineral wool are used as insulation for the building exterior. There is a roof garden that can be reached with a steel staircase, it is located on the top of the house.


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16 Photos of the Inspiring One-story week-end house in Bus by Marketa Cajthamlova

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