Interior Design Tips: Collaborate Function and Fun in a Kids Room

Some of the most challenging and exciting part of the house to decorate is the kids’s roms. When decorating a kid’s room you must consider some things. You may want the room as organized as possible and look tidy but you have to make sure that the kids enjoy their times in their rooms. The idea is to select the most appropriate items for the room while you still keep the personality of your child in the mind. It is very important that your child can enjoy the space thus you have to make initial planning as you would with other room, the room is about your child and not about you.

You must consider certain things in your mind based on the age of your child. The first consideration is always the safety to your infants and toddlers. You must put everything in its place and far from the reach of your little one to assure their happiness and safety. Their toys, clothing, and baby furniture must be kept in a separate crib because not all details can be fulfilled completely. For kids with older age the idea is to make them joyful playing in their bedroom, to benefit from the items prepared for them there. For teenagers and tweens, the idea is to keep them fun while also feeling comfort and privacy comfort in their room.

You should choose two significant elements in one combination when it comes to blending fun and function. We can also say, you have several advantages from one solution. The case is like when you add a futon to your teenager’s room that provide a place to sit and to hangout together, and when the night comes the seating turns into a bed for nighttime that they can use for sleep with their friends.

You have to assure two essential elements : function and fun, and both will be complete when you give adequate bedding and lighting. For more storage, you must choose a bed with cabinets addition for storing toys, clothes, and other items. Provide more lights to the space by adding lamps inside the room, or add a hanging for chandelier from the caeiling to obtain a little more drama.

In this project, the key is storage especially for those who like playing with lots of toys. To stay organized and clean, and to keep the toys from the floor, you can use a wall organizer. There is a separate place for each type of toy and they can find the toys with ease and don’t have to digging through one pile of toys and end up with messy toys on the floor.

Let the child determine their own personal items and make up the room as they like. Items such as the art pieces, the lovely rug, and framed pictures should be kept safe in their room thus make them feel the master of the room, all these will influence the finishing touch and make the difference. One last thing which is equally important, you must make them feel as they are part of the room design.

With some consideration and critical thinking, you can mix fun and function into the kid’s room and give them the best of the worlds.


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