Luxurious Lake Forest Park Property by Finne Architects

When you visit the US try to visit this property about 25 north of Seattle.  The house was done in 2012 and the project  was handled by Finne Architects, a design studio in Seattle. Originally the house was built in 1950s and had a contemporary style but this property is luxurious as well. The original design of the house and its features are maintained while the house was updated and renovated.

In the renovation, some new windows with bigger sizes and glazed roof monitor were given to the house thus the house look better than before. In order to suit the new contemporary style and become more functional, the floor plan had to be restructured and reorganized. The outdoor spaces, the indoor and its visual barrier is eliminated by a seamless transition from inside out with the floor to ceiling glass walls and the large windows. The forest around the site creates a strong connection with the house.

When the renovation was done, the house got a new master bath and a large master bedroom. The view of the forest is an ultimate reward. Natural light is brought in with high monitor windows and the dining area as well the main living room have been enlarged. Enlargement to the kitchen was made as well. Now this house has beautiful juxtapositions between colors and textures as well minimalist interior decors in addition to the contemporary design. custom made furniture, crafted items, and other personal items are decorating the interior.


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12 Photos of the Luxurious Lake Forest Park Property by Finne Architects

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