Modern country on the shore of the Rupanco lake

This country house has a modern design with unusual appearance, located in Rupanco, Puerto Octay, Chile. This was developed by Antonia Lehmann and Luiz Izquierdo, two architects from Izquierdo Lehmann, the project was done in 2011.  It is situated about 900 k in southern Santiago, along a gentle slope in the prairie. The surrounding area seems perfect with the house and its design is allowing you to do that easily.

The house is facing the lake and the shape is like a long pavilion, it occupies an area measuring 353 square meters. Because the shape is like a pavilion, the rooms within the house are connected by a roofed gallery that face onto the patio’s interior, the rooms are lined up. There are five different bedroom for the guests, each has its own bathroom. It also has a garage, a service room, and a lovely kitchen, the dining area is connected to the main living room, and there is also a main bedroom. Laminated wood beams are used for the pavilion and they consist of two rows of pillars with square shape that support a master beam, all are arranged in a structure.

The grass found around the house is used to cover the plat roof of the pavilion. The landscape becomes a part of the pavilion with this way. The building is arranged in a row and features a series of public spaces, and alternative private spaces. The private rooms are located near the ends of the pavilion where a lot of people can enjoy quietness, the public spaces are located near the entrance.


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8 Photos of the Modern country on the shore of the Rupanco lake

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