Nature House – Feel part of the natural surroundings with the House in Torreira

Not all options are adaptable to us eventhough some circumstances allow us to choose between live, hate, and love. Choosing exactly when we will see the world for the first time, expecting the right parents or the place of your birth is impossible. Your destiny and all other things in your life have been arranged. Eventhough we think that we can arrange our destiny the fact is still impossible because there are things that we can’t manage. Prior to our existence on earth, everything has been arranged. There are particular reason and purpose that mark our existence, things that happen to us are not accidently.

There is a lovely house which looks modern and simple, the house sits in the middle of a beautiful site with trees all over the place, there has to be a specific reason that the site was chosen, the house is located in Terreira. Some items from the construction of the house were introduced compulsory and due to this condition the building is inserted into a parcel. This project is marked with the use of ceramic tiles and ridge roof.

In the garage area the house has one level while in the main volume this beautiful white house has two levels. The first level including office, garage, toilets, dining and living room, kitchen, entrance hall and the stairs. There are three rooms in the first floor which equipped with three separate toilets. Some items or parts of the house bring some color even if white is coloring the entire house.

The white walls are contrasted with wood parquet and dark wood stains that take you to the first floor, a joyful and charming atmosphere is created from the greenish pieces and purple bedding, the white interior is animated with colored tiles in the kitchen. In grey and white the nuances of the toilet are neutralized in simple and modern look. The house exterior is connected with a platform to the interior, located at the back of the house. You will enjoy the gorgeous landscape and beautiful images outside from some lovely paintings inside that appear in asymmetrical and small windows.


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