New Essencia Oval Freestanding Bathtub by Bainultra

The freestanding bathtub with oval shape from Bainultra can get rid of your stress and gives relaxation. This bathtub is provided with hydro massage and chromatherapy functions, you make yourself relax as you sink in the new essencia bathtub, specifically on the rounded, and organic lines.

You can feel your body gets massaged by the water through the heated backrest while you lean back. The magic comes from the 46 air jets of the bathtub. The wonder actually happen to your legs through the massaging effect enhanced by a raised seat and built-in forests, while your spine is backed by the V-shaped backrest.

The experience of your bathing can be personalized with a control panel so you can adjust the programme of chromatherapy, session duration, air jet pressure, and the backrest temperature. It can store information for up to 4 users. This new oval bathtub is easy to clean and available in white. The only available dimension is L72” x W36” x H27. A footrest and a relaxation chaor is the optional accessories included in the massage table. Its available on the top of the tub. Visit Bainultra for more information.


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3 Photos of the New Essencia Oval Freestanding Bathtub by Bainultra

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