Renovated summer residence in Tuscany

Amazing landscape and lovely trees are surrounding this residence, located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, Italy. In this area, the landscape is followed by paths that connect the buildings which surrounded by myrtles, oaks, and dunes with pine. Preserving the natural beauty and avoiding artificial transformation was the idea.

Originally, the house was built in the mid 60s and served as a summer vacation house. Massimo Fiorido Associati+ sundaymorning was renovating the house in 2008. The shape of the house was terrible and this project caused the architects to think twice about the whole thing. With the use of natural colors and palette found in the region, the architects let the nature to blend in also to create a strong connection with it. The space inside the house also had to be restructured and redefined by the architects. The landscape around the residence is closely connected to several rooms in adjacent location to each other.

The dune landscape with its panoramic views are featured from a succession of openings with the same size created from the dining room. The same design is also visible in the whole room. Several interventions had to be made by the team, as they renovate and reorganize the residence. Now the residence had a new shape and gave total influence to the exterior. Some elements such as the design of the exterior and the double pitched roof were highlighted by the changes. The exterior and the materials for the renovations were carefully selected to let it blend with the landscape around this region.


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16 Photos of the Renovated summer residence in Tuscany

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