Scarf Organization Idea

The region of the United States, especially in the northern parts are not lacking for something which we called scarves. Scarves are always a necessity in summer, fall, spring, and even the winter. Even so, for every different season and occasion, the scarf is different. Because of this, you may have some different scarves and need placement for storing them.

Well placement is the key to your problems in storing scarves. Oftentimes we see that our summer scarves are scattered everywhere and wrinkled in our drawer. We have tried to put them on a rack but they turned to be too heavy and we also tried stuffing them but none is working.

You can use some of this solutions :

Clothes hanger.

Hanger can be used to organize them based on styles, seasons, and colors. Such a perfect division.

Old Styled Ladder

This idea is so useful in providing style and different look to a room. Scarves and accessories work as complementary items. Decoration can be added for a more satisfactory results.

Specific scarf hanging hangers.

You can make this DIY item at home using some different loops and ties or purchase at stores for simplicity. People often put the hangers beside our clothes hence it can mix and match with our days.

Put Your Scarves on Bins

Bins are such a good storage medium for your scarves, they are movable but rather difficult to sort them through. This method is suitable for use in the closet, particularly in the summer, but I discovered messiness as sift through them. If you have limited space to display them, this storage system is good for you. Some of these plans will work best for you, surely after you make several adjustments based on your requirements.


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4 Photos of the Scarf Organization Idea

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