Soothing, Monochromatic Nurseries: Tips & Tricks

Soothing, monochromatic nurseries can be very stylish and not only excellent for your baby. When you want to decorate the interior, one of the simplest way is creating a calm environment. In terms of shading, whites, chocolates, neutral grays, softer purples, green, blues and other soothing colors are found on the more zen spectrum.

Do you know that you can make a soothing scheme with monochromatic colors for your baby eventhough we tend to think bright, big, and bold colors or classic baby blue when we think of nursery. For the baby we can stimulate them with primary colors but I prefer a welcoming room with less colors than a room filled with various combination of colors. So i suggest the same for babies. Below are some tricks and quick tips to decorate nurseries with monochromatic and soothing colors.

1. Right accessories

The essential thing is choosing a theme. Monochromatic is an element of design and not a theme. You should add fashion and style with the accessories that you choose in case you have chosen to make a warm, golden nursery. Make it a little ecletic or go to a safari store and come with something Victorian. Just note that the most essential is accessorizing your room.

2. Use warmer shades

There is no way for me to live in a house where everything is covered with yellow or brigh pink. I hate it a lot. It’s time for you to choose the right color for your baby’s nursery if you stick to use a monochromatic scheme of colors. We suggest you to keep it relaxing and warm. Some great choices are golden creams, greens, soft blues, and lighter as well deeper shades of purple. You have to make the baby feels comfortable in his/her room.

3. Use whites

White is the only color to add to your scheme of monochromatic color. You will lost the monochromatic idea if you add other color than white. Everything is styled and refreshing with white. A blue crib, blue dressers, and blue walls are not recommended. Cream or white furniture, blue wall decor, blue blankets, and blue walls are used to create balance.

Whether you choose a monochromatic scheme or not, it can be fun to decorate a nursery. Even though in the first time the only interest that you have in mind is the baby, you should also notice that someone will live in the same room. We often see that rooms are not so functional as they should. Here are some other ideas of soothing and monochromatic nurseries.

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