Textile factory turned into a patisserie shop in Japan

This building is the Pattiserie Uchiyama. The site that once was a textile factory was used for this building.  Now it has lots its functions as it was built 90 years ago. The building was renovated in 2010 and changed into the patisserie shop that we see today. The project was done by Takato Tamagami.

The Patisserie is located in Japan, precisely at Gunma prefecture, in the region of Azumacho, Kiryu. The area where the house located is measuring 682.32 square meters. The roof of this building is shaped like a saw similar to other old buildings in Kiryu-shi. This detail looks very symbolic and was hidden by the previous renovations. The roof became a visual part of the design as it was revealed once again in this last project. There were no incisive changes made by the architects. The overall design was made more modern but not leaving the original design. The early design and the original shape of the house are maintained but restoration and update were made on the roof.

Seen from the outside, the building doesn’t stand out that much but look more simple. The interior of the patisserie is minimalist and has a modern look. The interior is filled with a combination of black and white and perfected with natural finishes on each wooden furniture. The building will last for a very long time and ready for use, and noticing the change is very interesting.


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9 Photos of the Textile factory turned into a patisserie shop in Japan

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