The Unconventional Good Boy lamps

These are sort of lamps for Good Boy. The thing that matters from them is that you can love and hate them in the same time. It comes from the image and message that it brings and not because of certain style that some people like or dislike. The Good Boy Lamps display dogs with various breeds, sizes, and shapes in their best moments of intimacy. For fewer people, this image seemed funny and bold while for others it looks so offensive.

These lamps were made by a british artist and used a theme that seemed taboo during that time. In reality, the case is almost similar to poetry. Known artists like E. A. Poe and Baudelaire opted to make writings about stories that meant ugly for some people and not make writings about beautiful things in life. If we don’t take a good look at them we would never change our perception about them, that these people weren’t mad man but sorts of brave and gifted people. We would need some time to perceive that the Good Boy Lamps are antique and unique.

Actually, the Good Boy Lamps were intended to be exhibited in some stations under the city of London. The lamps were considered to be too offensive so they were banned and weren’t allowed to be showcased. The artists need one full month to make a lamp, and the number is limited not more than 100 pieces worldwide. These items are very challenging and bold, but these have simplicity in its decorations.

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3 Photos of the The Unconventional Good Boy lamps

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