Tips to dress up your hamper

In terms of design, what is preferred by men is not necessarily favored by women. The reality is different and i would never say that if I never thought of it. Some things only apply for women and some things only apply to men, and you are not a dude who call himself “galaxia” if you weigh 300 pounds and not a 6 and a half feet. I already have a point and lets continue this argument.

For example, this hamper is something that I wouldn’t ask you not to buy and decorating it is a waste of time. But women love them very much and find them useful even if we don’t like them. According to womens they look very attractive and they use them for crazy ideas that come across their minds. For example, you often want something new, a change when you feel bored. It doesn’t cost you very much to attach some colored wires or less spray paint along the biodegradable and natural strips and because painting the hamper is an excellent idea.

Lets talk back about painting. You are free to choose any color and design that you like but you have to obtain the most desired effect to protect the areas that you want to leave as they are. 3 different areas of the hamper was painted in these pictures. The masking tape covering the part is left as it was and the alternating surfaces with natural ones were painted with black spray. There is one thing that I dislike from this, seeing guys doing this “customization” is bizarre.


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3 Photos of the Tips to dress up your hamper

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