White Table Lamp from Misewell Tokyo II

When referred to kids and adults, cartoons are widely accepted and watched by both categories. Cartoon characters are so funny and can do all kinds of movements and presented with exemplary stories, that’s why kids and adults love watching cartoons. Childrens often laugh when they see cute and colored characters on the screen, as well the funny noises. Adults are more appreciative to the technology used for making cartoon, the graphics quality, and the celebrities that make these cartoon characters seemed more alive.

The White Misewell Tokyo_II Table Lamp has the same look of a cute cartoon character. A cute creature with a nice head is seen in the shade formed from oatmeal fabric while the neck is seen from the powder coated aluminum, and two amusing legs are seen from the powder coated steel base. This table lamp is Vincent and Paul Georgeson’s creation, has a cute design and make me recall one of my brother’s favorite cartoon character from Pixar Cartoons. He is passionate about them and there were some series of them on his PC at home. Now he is in his late twenties, but he seems to fall in love with his cartoon memories, just like a child.

This beautiful table lamp with white color is perfect for nightstand, office desk, or any table. Thanks to its small size and thin shape, it is very appreciated and will never take too much space. You can buy this lovely table lamp by paying $244.00. This table lamp was made in the US. Even if the size is not very large, it can provide proper lighting for your activities, and not only warmth and comfort that you get from this lamp, but also quietness.


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