Why should I have a chandelier in the kitchen?

In the house, the room with the most utilitarian look was the kitchen. Along with time things have changed, the function has changed into social gathering area and today’s homes have made it adjacent to the living area. For that reason the use of a chandelier can make a whole new difference in the kitchen, the whole décor is renewed. Check out these examples :

1. Designs with contrasting elements

Chandeliers are available in many different types. Depends on the décor, choose the appropriate one. For instance, in this case the kitchen has a palette with serene color and the style is minimalist. For this reason, the perfect choice is a chandelier with textures, finishes, eye catching, and glamorous details. This piece doesn’t interfere anything else and make a beautiful centre of attention.

2. A little sophistication

The same type of chandelier couldn’t work in different case like this one, a kitchen with farmhouse style. In this regard the chandelier doesn’t have to be too eye catching but nees to stand out a little. The ambience of the kitchen will change from monotonous to chic when you add that hint of sophistication. The stylish crystal chandeliers can do that.

3. Elegance with formal style

In this type of kitchen, the chandelier is not only add abit sophistication, this also makes a little formal condition. It brings a lovely focal point in this type of traditional kitchen and the detail is very elegant. The chandelier seems like belong to this kitchen and it works well with other décor of the kitchen.

4. Matching dimensions

Noticing the dimensions of the chandelier is important. They must look appropriate for the kitchen. For instance, a huge chandelier placed in the middle will make the room seem cluttered and smaller if the kitchen size is small. But a tiered, low hanging chandelier will benefit a spacious kitchen like this one. The size and the space fit perfectly.

5. The building and the fit design

A historical house like this one has to be preserved, especially all specific details and original charm as possible. In this case, the best choice was a traditional décor. These sophisticated and delicate chandeliers are appropriate to add style and flair to the kitchen as well to the rest of the home décor.


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